"Blind Faith" (sic), Ironwood, MI, 1984:  Matt Weber bass/vocals, Erick Hedburg guitar, Mike Hyry lead vocals, John Hoffschneider keyboard, Sam Slade drums, Jeannie McDonald vocals

  • Greg Kinh, Breakup Song
  • U2, I Will Follow
  • Police, Demolition Man
  • Journey, Don't Stop Believing (Jeannie sang that one)
  • Beatles, Saw Her Standing There
 The Pat O'Donnell Civic Center was a hockey rink.  We charged $2 and split it with the house.  This was our one-and-only appearance, as we took 3/4 of the summer to learn the material, and then went back to college(s).

Matt Weber and Erick Hedberg.  Note the shades on the wall behind.

 Yours truly (only partially sleeveless) with Erick Hedberg, at the beginning of Stairway to Heaven


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