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More info about Mike and Darryl than you may want to know:

(Click on the music link above and play our music while you scroll down and learn about us.)

 Mike Hyry


Past Bands/Projects:

Men of Production

Cowboy Songs for Esmeralda

Frank Henry and the Pearl Snaps

The Renaissance Consort of Fort Worth

Cheese and Crackers

Sugar and Spice

The Cat's Pajamas

Plan A, Debacle

Blind Faith (yeah, I know...) 

I also play in the 5pm mass band (and cantor) at St. Andrew Catholic Church.

 Darryl Sullivan


Past Bands: (Click on link for photo or MP3, then hit "Back" button to return)

The Sullivan Brothers. Click here for photos.

The Griffin Sabine Blues Band. Click here for photos.

Cousins. Click here for photo.

The Fugitives (1965). Click here for photos.

The Chargers (1967). No photo available. (I hated that name, but I was in the minority.)

Partly Cloudy. Click here for photo. Click here for a song (?).

The Hopeless Gospel Quartet. Click here for photo. Click here for music from The Hopeless Gospel Quartet.

Random Harmony. Click here for photos. Click here for lots of music from Random Harmony.

Men of Production. Click here for photos. Click here for music from MOP.

Darryl Sullivan, solo. Click here for 1970 photo. Click here for music.

The Sullivan Family. Click here for photo. Click here for a gospel tune from The Sullivan Family,starring 82-year-old (in 2006) patriarch Jack as lead vocalist.

Brothers 2. Click here for photo.

Darryl's musical genes came from his mother. Click here for a photo.

Click here for Darryl's impression of George C. Scott.

Click here for Darryl's lounge lizard look.

Bet you didn't know about Darryl:

Top Secret Security Clearance, Naval Security Group

Darryl has presided at both a wedding and a funeral (I've married 'em, and I've buried 'em.)

Native Texan and proud of it. Mike got here as quickly as he could.

Motorcycle enthusiast. Want to see photos? Click on them:

        My first bike

        Next I had a Honda CB350 - no photo available

        My first BMW

        My second BMW

        My current bike (new in May 2009)

        My Dream Bike

        On the road

        Harley Davidson has a bike called a Fat Boy

        Proper riding gear is essential

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