Sugar and Spice, Marquette County, MI, 1989-1990:  Sharon Bodenus lead vocals, Debbie Bengry keyboard, Ed Kangas drums, Chris Valenti lead guitar vocals, Mike Hyry bass/vocals. 

I have no photos of this country band (Debbie : Sharon :: sugar : spice).  Chris was moonlighting with them and recruited me to be their mercenary bass player (I was way too "arty" for country music).  But what a blast it turned out to be, and what a big influence on me, especially looking back years later.  By playing it, I finally "got" country music, after years of shrugging off my Dad's attempts to turn me on to it.

Here are a couple of tunes I'd never heard before S&S that are in our regular rotation today:

  • Ned Miller, From a Jack to a King
  • Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues

And finally, here is a link to yours truly doing a very "white" Jimmy Reed way back when, complete with my ex-girlfriend at the end:

Take Out Some Insurance, etc


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